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On The Island

Cedar Key Historical Museum

Explore Cedar Key’s rich history in its Historical Museum. Located on State Road 24 and 2nd Street in downtown Cedar Key, the Lutterloh Building and Andrews House are home to exhibits detailing the picturesque village’s history dating back to prehistoric times. Exhibits include Native American artifacts, the 2nd Seminole Indian War, John Muir’s Journey, Cedar Pencil Industry, Seafood and Clam Industry, Florida Railroad and Donax Broom Manufacturing.

Cedar Key Museum State Park

Established in 1962 and dedicated to St. Clair Whitman who operated the first museum in Cedar Key. Most of Mr. Whitman´s collections are displayed in the museum. These collections include exhibits on the Timucuan Indians, antique glassware, old bottles, a very complete collection of sea shells, items from the pencil manufacturing days, fiber broom and brush manufacturing, and photographs of old Cedar Key.

Off The Island

Levy County Historical Society

The Levy County Historical Society was formed in 2006 by a group of persons interested in collecting, preserving, and interpreting Levy County history for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations. Over the years the members have presented a variety of events aimed at providing an interesting and inviting method of presenting history.